Nigerian to hang after conviction for drug trafficking affirmed

A Nigerian, who was found with 99 cases of methamphetamine in his stomach, had his capital punishment asserted by the Federal Court for dealing the medications nine years prior.

A three-part seat led by Chief Justice Tengku Maimum Tuan Mat said checking out the entirety of the proof, the conviction of Ikenna Emmanuel Chukwudulu, 48, is protected.

The allure is excused. The conviction and sentence is protected,” said Tengku Maimum, who sat with makes a decision about Abang Iskandar Abang Hashim and Mary Lim Thiam Suan.

The charge expresses that Chukwudulu dealt 1,085gm of methamphetamine between 9.30am on June 15, 2012 and 10.55am the next day at the Ward 6C latrine at Serdang Hospital.

Realities uncovered that a police party drove by Inspector Gan Chee Ling directed a body search and handled Chukwudulu’s packs upon his landing in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on June 14, 2012 yet nothing was found.

A X-beam was directed at the air terminal and some unfamiliar articles were found in Chukwudulu’s stomach, prompting his capture.

In the wake of passing movement, 99 containers of medications were recuperated from Chukwudulu, who asserted he was a ladies’ clothings broker.

Court-alloted legal advisor Sukaimi Mashud presented that the conviction was hazardous in light of the fact that there was a break in the chain of proof since nobody was called to help the scientific expert in investigating the heaviness of the medications.

Appointee public investigator How May Ling answered that the scientific expert broke down seven examples of the medications however during interrogation she told the court it was eight examples.

“Nonetheless, that not the slightest bit will radically diminish the heaviness of the medications found on the blamed,” she said, adding that one was assumed a dealer if possessing 15gm of methamphetamine.

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