Amanah man claims ex-FT minister issued support letter granting land to private company

An Amanah part today stopped a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over claims that interchanges and sight and sound clergyman Annuar Musa purportedly helped award a plot of government land to a privately owned business when he was the bureaucratic domains serve.

Bandar Tun Razak Amanah division boss Hayatul Kamil Termudi asserted that the Ketereh MP gave a letter of help to the private company.Hayatul added that one of the overseers of the privately owned business was Annuar’s family members and neighbor.

“I trust Annuar mishandled his situation as a pastor by giving the help letter,” he told columnists at the MACC office here toward the beginning of today.

As per Hayatul, the plot of land estimating 2.9 sections of land was situated at Lot 131, Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur.Further, he said that the privately owned business was not qualified to get the land as it was not “very much promoted” to attempt any advancement project on it.

“The privately owned business doesn’t have any involvement with property improvement and has a settled up capital of just RM100,” he added.

In any case, Hayatul said Annuar gave another letter as of late, pulling out help for the organization subsequent to getting reaction from lawmakers, NGOs and other significant partners.

“I’m stressed that the most recent letter has been given past the point of no return and the organization has as of now been allowed the land.”

He asked the new government regions serve Shahidan Kassim to investigate the matter.

FMT is retaining the organization’s name forthcoming remark.

FMT has additionally contacted Annuar for remarks.

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